Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Singkil Tribe From Aceh

Singkil tribe is a tribe located in the district of Aceh Singkil land and Subulussalam city in the province of Aceh
  • Singkil tribe is a tribe located in the district and the city Singkil Subulussalam land in the province. In general, the population can be divided into 2 Singkil the Ethnic Ethnic Ethnic Singkil and Coastal. Both of these tribes into tribes that have shaped the region Singkil since hundreds of years ago. It also found also other ethnic minorities who entered later.
Singkil ethnic or so-called tribal customs and culture Singkil have a close interest Pakpak in North Sumatra province . Similarly, the regional language that is relatively similar. Experts ethnology and linguistics expert stated that the tribe is part of the tribe Singkil Pakpak, in this case Pakpak Boang. The use of the tribal clan has many similarities with in Pakpak, although there are some that are different. Even so, people Singkil prefer to call themselves as Tribal Singkil. Until now standing interest Singkil still debated, is included in interest Pakpak inlet Boang or stand as a separate tribe separate from the tribe Pakpak.
Coastal Ethnic generally live in coastal areas and cities in the area Singkil. By custom, culture, and their language is very different from the ethnic Singkil inland. They use traditional and coastal Minang culture commonly found along the western coast of Sumatra.

  • Singkil language is a regional language spoken by the natives Singkil. In this case also divided into 2 languages. Keduan local languages ​​is also very different. In blood and coastal cities use English coast near the Minangkabau language. Commonly used by people who do not use the clan. They are descendants of immigrants who have menatp Minang aspect in the coastal area centuries ago.
While the language used in rural areas close to the language Singkil Pakpak. Commonly used by the tribe and Boang Singkil commonly surnamed. 

Singkil Dance Steps
Singkil is a famous dance that started out in South Asia. It is mostly performed by the Maranao People of Lake Lanao. Singkil is often performed for festivals and ceremonies of passage. Singkil is a ritual performed by the prince and princess to define their courting as well as historically to present the women to show her eligibility. It shows the agility of the young girl turning into a women with every step. 

Singkil Dance Video


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Ariel Layug said...

I just wanted to note that the image you re using is the "Sinkil" dance of the Maranao tribe in Lake Lanao, Mindanao. This particular performance is by the Leyte Dance Theater.