Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jamee Aneuk tribe

Jamee Aneuk tribe is a tribe scattered along the western and southern coast of Aceh ranging from Singkil , South Aceh , West Aceh and Simeulue . Spare Aneuk Jamee is Minangkabau people migrated to Aceh and Aceh have been mixed with the tribe, Kluet, Singkil and Devayan. In terms of language, language Aneuk Jamee is still considered one of the Minangkabau dialect of the language that has been mixed with local languages.


It is said that the story, while the war lasted vicar, the vicar fighters began to get squeezed by the Dutch colonial attacks. Coastal Minangkabau at the time was part of the kingdom of Aceh send relief troops. when the situation became critical in eksoduskan forced people, at the start of the People's Minangkabau scattered on the South West coast of Aceh. Another version states that a stopover in South Aceh district of Sheikh Burhanuddin Ulakan , a Sheikh from Ulakan Pariaman from West Sumatra) (?? - 15 Safar 1116 H 19 / June 20, 1704). He is a scholar who spread Islam in the Kingdom Pagaruyung . Besides, he is famous as the hero of the Islamic movement against occupation VOC . It stems from the coast Ulakan, Pariaman . Sheikh Burhanuddin been studying at the Sheikh Aceh Singkil Abdurrauf of Aceh Singkil village, who had been a disciple and faithful adherents of the teachings of Shaykh Ahmad al-Madinah Qusyasyi. By Sheikh Ahmad both are empowered to spread the religion of Islam in their respective regions. According to the story, South Aceh was once a stopover ships from West Sumatra toward Mecca carrying pilgrims.
In another version, Aneuk Jamee in South Aceh occupies in the coastal areas near the sea. Perhaps the movement path of the ancestors is the first track, first living from gardening and fishing. Along with the times, along with the diversity, life continues to grow there is now a businessman, traders, officials, civil servants, and so forth. Everything is alive in each portion.

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