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Kubu Tribe or Children In The Wilderness

Kubu tribe or also known as Tribes or Children In The Wilderness is one of the ethnic minorities living on the island of Sumatra , precisely in the province of Jambi and South Sumatra . They are the majority living in the province of Jambi, with an estimated population of approximately 200,000 people.
According to the oral tradition of tribal child in a man Maalau Heresy, who m run to the jungle around the Black Water, Twelve Hills National Park . They then called Ancestors Segayo. Another tradition says they came from Pagaruyung , who fled to Jambi. It reinforced the fact indigenous tribes Child have a common language and customs with Minangkabau tribe , such as the system of matrilineal .
Broadly speaking in Jambi they live in three different ecological regions, the People faction in the north province of Jambi (surrounding Hill National Park 30), Park Hill 12, and the southern province of Jambi (all the way across Sumatra ). They live a nomadic and basing his life on hunting and gathering, although many of them now have rubber and other agricultural land.
Their life is very tragic loss of resources due to forest that is in Jambi and South Sumatra, and the processes of marginalization by the government and dominant ethnic groups (The Malay ) in Jambi and South Sumatra.
The majority animist tribal stronghold of belief, but there are also a few dozen families who moved to the tribal stronghold of Islam
Life In Tribal Children in Jambi
At first to be able to survive, Tribal Children in, carry hunting, gathering, fishing and eating fruit in the forest. But with the development of knowledge and tools that are used to live as a result of acculturation with the outside community, now known knowledge of agriculture and plantation.

Hunting of animals such as pigs, Monkey, Bear, Monkey, Snake, Labi-labi, elk, deer and many kinds of birds, is one of their livelihoods. Hunting activities carried out jointly with the dog. The tools used are Spear and Parang. In addition, to get the game also uses a system of traps and snares.

Type livelihood does is brewing inside the forest, which took the fruit leaves and roots as a food ingredient. Locations where mix is ​​critical types obtained. If concocting dense rainforest, usually get fruits, such Cempedak, durian, half charcoal, and other fruits. In the area of ​​bushes on the river bank and the valley they collect ferns, bamboo shoots, yam, palm, and sago palm.

Looking for rattan, take honey, fishing is a form of livelihood. Now they also have to know the farm and plantation fields and rubber processing for livelihood.

All forms and types of equipment used in supporting the process of fulfilling his needs are very simple.

Building homes in the form of a wooden hut with a thatched roof or the like. Construction of the building with a bunch of rattan material systems and the like. The stage building height of 1.5 meters, underneath used as a granary (booths) that serves as a storage place of rice. Building measure approximately 4 x 5 meters or according to the needs of the family. Besides residential buildings, in a large family environment there hut without a roof as a place to sit and receive guests.

Now there are three categories of Tribal Children in the settlement. First who live in the forests and nomadic. The two groups that live in the forest and settled. The third is a group of settlers coupled with the settlement of outsiders (the habit)

How dresses are now varied, namely: (1) those who live in the forest and move very simple clothes, which is enough to cover a particular section. (2) that live in the forest still persist, in addition to dress according to tradition, also sometimes used as the general public garment such as clothes, gloves or pants, (3) who live close to human settlements or villages outside, dressed like the other villagers. But the habit of not using the clothes are often found within the settlement.

The origin of the Tribal Children often also referred to as the jungle or the Kubu tribe is one of the native tribes in the province of Jambi. Tribal Children In sedentary life. Forest region in groups and spread in some districts, such as in Batang day, Tebo, Bunge, and Merangin Sarolangun.

Some experts argued that anthropologists Tribal Children In protom category Melayu (Malay old) of some of the results of studies conducted, describe the culture of existing Tribal Children In Jambi Malay tribes have in common with others, such as language, art and traditional values other. One example is the form of the ceremony besale (ceremonial treatment) on the child in almost the same form aseik ceremony (ceremonial treatment) in Kerinci people are also classified as protom wither.

In addition there is also the thought that the Tribal Children in the community are alienated from the kingdom Pagaruyung. They fled into the forest because of an attack and does not want controlled and ruled by the enemy. In the woods they make defense. This opinion is based on the term used in reference to Spare Son In as camp (camp meaningful defense).

Tribal Children In carrying out his daily life governed by rules, norms and customs applicable in accordance with the culture. In this environment, the technical term of life of family and kinship groups, such as young families and large families. A small family consisting of husband and wife and unmarried children.

Family consists of several small family coming from the wife's relatives. Boys who are married must be a resident within the relatives of his wife. They are an integral part of social and live in a neighborhood yard. Every small family living dipondok each are adjacent, which is about two or three cottages in a group.

In carrying out their daily lives, they have a tiered system of leadership, such as the Chief, Depati, Mangku, Menti and Jenang. The Chief is the highest office, a decision set to be followed. For those who violate or sanctions will be sentenced according to the degree of guilt.

Chief role is very important because it serves as: (1) Top leaders (as Rajo), (2) law enforcement decided the case, (3) Leader rituals, (4) People who have the ability and magic. Therefore, in determining who will be emenggung be aware of the background, such as heredity and the ability to take the lead in carrying out its duties.

Faith Tribal Children In the spirit gods who control life remains entrenched, despite them already know the religion of Islam. They believe that each of what he earned, whether in the form of the good, the bad, the successes and failures in the form of calamity and come from the gods. As a form of appreciation and gifts to the gods and spirits, they perform rituals in accordance with the need and desire to be expected. One form of ritual that is often undertaken is Besale (ceremonial treatment).

Tribal Children believe that the illness is sisakit wrath of the gods or evil spirits and therefore need to beg for forgiveness so that the illness can be cured. Property used in the ceremony besale heavily laden with symbols.

From the process of adaptation to the environment, Tribal Children also have the knowledge of the treatment of materials derived from plants and animals. Through his senses were able to distinguish toxic and nontoxic plants include process. His knowledge of the technology is very simple, but has the ability to detect the weather, and look for traces of disease.

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